Steven R. Musial II, P.E.

Brief Summary of Electrical Engineering Experience

Steven R. Musial, II P.E., BSEE Carnegie Mellon University, has nearly 40 years of electrical engineering experience, including 11 years at Duquesne Light Company in the design of overhead and underground power systems at voltage levels of 345 kV, 138 kV, 23 kV and 4 kV. For more than 29 years he has been responsible for monitoring electric utility distribution system reliability, performing technical consulting services for utility customers, and teaching professional review courses (Electrical PE Review and EIT Review), undergraduate electrical engineering and various electrical continuing education courses. His primary area of technical expertise is power quality and power distribution. He has extensive customer contact experience along with Major Account Sales training. Steve was a Principal at CJL Engineering from 2001 until 2014, where he managed power quality and power system consulting studies. Steve joined LLI Engineering in Pittsburgh in September 2014, as the Manager of the Electrical Engineering Dept. His department has grown by 75% since his start due to growing workload. He has been a Senior Member of the IEEE since 1983. Steve has been teaching for the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers since 2000. Also, in 2001, Steve began teaching for the Advanced Power System School associated with Penn State University. Recently, the Advanced Power System School is now an independent organization called Power System Training.

Steve has been an adjunct professor for Penn State since 1993. Additionally, he has been an Associate Professor for Point Park University since the fall of 2016. Steve has been teaching electrical courses for more than 30 years, including:

  • Undergraduate electrical engineering
  • Continuing electrical education courses, including courses on the National Electrical Code.
  • FE Review Course
  • Electrical Engineering PE Review Course
  • Mechanical Engineering PE Review and a portion of the Civil PE Review Courses.  

For more information, or to register for the next class, email Steve at smusial@lliengineering.com, or call 412.956.6448 (cell).





Courses Taught Since January 1986:

  1. EET 101 – Undergraduate teaching @ Penn State University,
    Beaver Campus
  2. EET 114 – Undergraduate teaching @ Penn State University,
    Beaver Campus
  3. EET 118 – Undergraduate teaching @ Penn State University,
    Beaver Campus
  4. DC Circuits @ Point Park University
  5. AC Circuits @ Point Park University
  6. Electrical Circuits Lab EE 222 @ Point Park University
  7. Electrical Engineering Power Systems PE Review Course
  8. Electrical Engineering Power Basics Course for the EE PE
  9. Electrical and Electronics Engineering PE Review Course
  10. Mechanical Engineering PE Review Course
  11. Civil PE Review Course (engineering economics)
  12. EIT Review Course (all topics)
  13. Electrical Engineering Discipline Specific EIT Review Course
  14. Mechanical Engineering Discipline Specific EIT Review
  15. Electrical Energy Efficiency Analysis
  16. AC Substation Grounding and Safety
    (IEEE Standard 80 (2000))
  17. Power Distribution and the National Electrical Code – Level 1
  18. Power Distribution and the National Electrical Code – Level 2
  19. Basic Wiring Design and the National Electrical Code
  20. Basic DC Circuit Theory for the Non-Engineer
  21. Basic AC Circuit Theory for the Non-Engineer
  22. DC Circuits Review for Electrical Engineers
  23. AC Circuits Review for Electrical Engineers
  24. Power Quality Analysis – Level 1
  25. Power Quality Analysis – Level 2
  26. AC Grounding Course
  27. Power Systems Harmonics Course
  28.  NFPA 70E Safety in the Workplace (2012 Edition)
  29. Short Circuit Calculations
  30. Fault Current Calculations
  31. Short Circuit and Arc Flash Calculations Course
  32. Engineering Math Refresher Course
  33. National Electrical Code Review Courses (1984, 1987, 1990,
    1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014)
  34. 2014 National Electrical Code Applications Course
  35. 2014 National Electrical Code Changes Course
  36. Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course
  37. Lighting Design Course
  38. Transmission and Distribution Power System Design
  39. NEC Review for Electricians Licensing Exam
  40. Short Circuit, Fault Current, Coordination and Arc Flash
  41. Mini Refresher for Civil PE Review
  42. Basic Electrial Safety Course for Non-Engineers
  43. Electrical Safety for Electric Utility Employees (Based on
    the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
  44. Symmetrical Components Course
  45. DC Arc Flash Calculations Course
  46. IEEE Standard 519 (1992) Application Course – Guide for
    Applying Harmonic Limits on Power Systems
  47. 2017 National Electrical Code Applications Course
  48. Pre-calculus at Point Park University
  49. In 2020 I will be adding a medium voltage Power Distribution
    Course valued at 24 PDH’s

I have taught the vast majority of these courses numerous times since
January 1986.  Throughout most of the year I usually teach various
weekday evenings as well as on Saturdays.  I have taught extensively
for Penn State’s Advanced Power Systems School since August 2001,
not only locally in Pittsburgh throughout the year, but also worldwide…
examples: Panama City, Panama in 2001, and
Bangkok Thailand in 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011 and in 2012.