Current Courses

Spring 2020

For those planning to sit for the April or October 2020 Electrical Engineering Power Systems PE Exam this year, I am offering two 10 week review courses to prepare for this exam. These are two independent and parallel 10 week courses. The first course will begin on Saturday afternoon February 8, 2020, from 1 PM to 4 PM. The second parallel course will begin on a date and time in the evening in February (most likely Thursday evenings) from 6 PM to 9 PM at a location to be determined.

In preparing for the EE PE Power Systems Exam, I am offering this set of two parallel, but separate, review courses……each course set is 10 weeks in length (30 hours of instruction). The first course will cover general power system topics on Saturday afternoons. The second course will cover power system basics that many electrical engineers did not have in college, such as per unit calculations, fault current calculations, short circuit calculations, symmetrical components and the like on Thursday evenings.

The spring 2020 PE Exam date is Friday, April 17, 2020. It is important to take the PE exam and pass it as soon as possible. Beginning in 2021 all Electrical Engineering PE exams will be closed book and computer based.

Course Descriptions:

Professional Engineer (PE) Review Course for Electrical Engineers (Power Systems): 10 Sessions @ 3 hours per session for 3.0 CEU’s [or 30 PDH’s] on Saturday afternoons. The following topics are reviewed in the regular 1 0week EE PE Review Power Systems Course: math refresher , review of basic electrical theorems, engineering economics, instrumentation & metering (voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters), National Electrical Code basics, single-phase and three-phase delta and wye power system analysis using phasors, power electronics, motor, transformer and capacitor problem solving basics, power quality, harmonics, voltage drop, voltage regulation, power factor correction, transmission lines, protective devices, grounding and ground fault protection. Cost: $1,550 (Click here for Registration form.)

Electrical Engineering Power Systems Basics for the Electrical PE Exam : 10 Sessions @ 3 hours per session for 3.0 CEU’s [or 30 PDH’s] on Thursday evenings. This is a supplemental problem solving course for the electrical (power) PE Exam for those electrical engineers who did not concentrate on power systems in college and are preparing to take the professional exam in electrical engineering with an emphasis on power systems. Topics include: per unit method of problem solving, symmetrical components, DC motors, AC motors, synchronous motors, magnetic circuit theory, a variety of unique capacitor problems, transformer analysis, ground fault sequence networks & short circuit calculations. Cost: $1,550 (Click here for Registration form.)

Since 2006, nearly everyone who has taken both 10 week review courses has passed the Electrical Engineering Power System PE Exam.


Summer 2020

Coming soon.

For more information, or to register for the next class, email Steve at smusial@lliengineering.com, or call 412.956.6448.

1. Professional Development Hours (PDH's) and/or
    Continuing Education Units (CEU's) provided.
2. Are you a registered PE in Pennsylvania? You need 24 PDH's
    to renew your PE license.